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Moving to a New House

Annonymous Professor Licata Enc 1101 W, 17 21 Oct. 2011 We Need More Room To hear the news of my mother’s new pregnancy was quite an excitement, yet I knew I would have to discuss with my mother why I believed it would be of essence to move to a much bigger house, this would mean that the new triplets would have a room of their own, and my brother Alex and I could have one as well. I informed my mother of the three important differences between our real house and our dream home would be the size, amenities, and location are more important factors with a larger family. One important difference between our real home and our dream home would be size. Our current home is only 1,007 square feet. This is not going to be sufficient space for our increasing family. Like two lions fighting over whom will eat the buffalo, we would be fighting over living space, specially with eight people living in an overcrowded house that has only two bedrooms and one bathroom. If we moved to a house that was 6,589 square feet, 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, we would be more contented with all the additional space. No more fussing about who gets to use the bathroom next. Like animals, humans are also very territorial, and the less space we have to live in, the more hostile our environment becomes. A more important difference between our real house and our dream house would be amenities. Seeing as to how we are a family that loves to watch movies and have family time after dinner, having a Sony WEGA 32 inch television is not cutting it for us. There are times when the quality of the TV is so terrible, that we cannot even recognize the different colors being displayed on the screen. â€Å"Tell me it wouldn’t be better if we had our own Yalos Diamond LCD TV in our new home! † I said to her. Everyone could sit around the TV and enjoy more flicks, with an HD quality. â€Å"Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about me and Alex ever fighting about who gets to use the Nintendo 64 Next during our family time. † In our dream house we would have our own gaming room filled with a WII, Xbox 360, and Play Stations. Although, amenities are important, they are not the most important difference as to why we should move to a bigger house. The most important difference between our current home and our dream home would have to be location. â€Å"But what does Location have to do with anything that matters? † asked my mom as she sat on the small rocking chair outside our front door. â€Å"It makes a big difference mom! † I exclaimed to her. We live in a neighborhood called Oakridge in Orlando, Florida. This is an exceptionally dangerous area to be at late at night, and to make matters worse, a reporter from the News 13 said and I quote â€Å"This is a neighborhood where the criminal and robbery rate are occurring more often. † We live in the poor regions of Oakridge where we are most vulnerable to all these approaching dangers. â€Å"Do you really want to bring three baby infants into this environment? † However, if we were to move to Windermere, we would still be able to live in Orlando, Florida and in a more family oriented, safe environment. Mom, they are a gated community, no more distressing about break-ins or somebody robbing us. Everyone would be safe and secure at all times. Our family can finally be at ease mom. † To conclude all, the three differences between our real house and dream house are very important because of the new triplets. It would be in our best interest to move to our dream house. We would all live more comfortably in a larger size home , have extra fun during our family time thanks to the additional amenities, and our family will be much safer in the new location we move to.

Baler – Reaction Paper

We spent two hours inside classroom. I saw a lot, discovered new ideas, thought of filling my senses, felt all the lines in the movie. But when I was about to go out, there seems to be something lacking. It’s like something is not reaching my stomach. It was like dissolved in my throat too early. The movie is acceptable. Full of good intentions. Intentions to deliver good performances, to tell a good story, to educate and entertain, to transport the viewer to a period worth knowing, to render good cinema experience. This movie is based on history which is the Siege of Baler that happened near the end of the Philippine-Spanish War, wherein 57 soldiers hid inside a church against Filipino rebel troops. The major events and officials involved in the movie are real people, like Captain Enrique de Las Morenas, the commander of 57 man Spanish detachment of the Second Expeditionary Rifle Battalion. The siege of Baler is the backdrop of this movie, but the story is focused on the romance of Half-Spanish Half Filipino soldier who is Celso Resurreccion (Jericho Rosales), and a native of Baler, Quezon, who is Feliza Reyes (Anne Curtis). Watching the main characters on how they portray the characters are funny. Jericho doesn’t look like Half Spanish. Also Anne wherein she is a native of Baler. She is not qualified to be one. Good thing she act well enough. Cinematography is not that good. Some are excellent but some are dull. The fight scene at the start looked like a montage. But it lacked spirit, doesn’t affect much the viewer. The church looked very fake. Even in the scene where Feliza is reading a love letter. It was dark, she was holding the lamp under the love letter, but how come she still be able to read it? All in all, the movie is good. Although I said in the beginning it’s not good enough. My expectations aren’t met. For the record, I don’t remember studying the Siege of Baler. This served as a good source of my knowledge on our heritage. Baler Un Libro de reaccion para espanoles Pasamos dos horas dentro de clase. Vi un monton, descubierto nuevas ideas, pensamiento de llenar mis sentidos, sintio todas las lineas en la pelicula. Pero cuando estaba a punto de salir, parece que hay algo que falta. Es como si algo no esta llegando a mi estomago. Era como disuelto en la garganta antes de tiempo. La pelicula es aceptable. Lleno de buenas intenciones. Las intenciones de entregar buenos resultados, para contar una buena historia, educar y entretener, para transportar al espectador a un periodo vale la pena conocer, a hacer experiencia de cine bueno. Esta pelicula esta basada en la historia que es el Sitio de Baler que ocurrio cerca del final de la guerra filipino-espanol, en el que 57 soldados se escondio dentro de una iglesia en contra de las tropas rebeldes filipinos. Los eventos principales y funcionarios involucrados en la pelicula son personas reales, como el capitan de Las Morenas Enrique, el comandante del destacamento hombre de 57 espanoles del Batallon Expedicionario Rifle Segunda. El asedio de Baler es el telon de fondo de esta pelicula, pero la historia se centra en el romance de Half-espanolas mitad soldado filipino que es Celso Resurreccion (Jericho Rosales), y un nativo de Baler, Quezon, que es Feliza Reyes (Anne Curtis ). Viendo a los personajes principales en como retratan los personajes son divertidos. Jericho no se parece a la mitad espanoles. Tambien Anne donde ella es originaria de Baler. Ella no esta calificado para ser uno. Menos mal que actuar lo suficientemente bien. Cinematografia no es tan bueno. Algunos son excelentes, pero algunos son aburridos. La escena de la pelea al principio parecia un montaje. Pero carecia de espiritu, no afecta mucho al espectador. La iglesia se veia muy falso. Incluso en la escena en la que Feliza esta leyendo una carta de amor. Estaba oscuro, que sostenia la lampara bajo la carta de amor, pero ?como es que ella todavia ser capaz de leerlo? En conjunto, la pelicula es buena. Aunque he dicho al principio que no es lo suficientemente bueno. Mis expectativas no se cumplen. Para que conste, no me acuerdo el estudio del asedio de Baler. Esto sirvio como una buena fuente de mi conocimiento sobre nuestro patrimonio.

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Black Aesthetics Essay

Black Aesthetics The word â€Å"aesthetics† can be defined as a branch of philosophy that critically reflects on art, culture, and nature. It is a view, opinion, or an attitude toward what is considered offensive or acceptable. It is more scientifically defined as a critical judgment of the sensory emotional values that exude from the nature of beauty, art, and taste. Aesthetics as it pertains to the black community or simply â€Å"black aesthetics† refers to ideologies and perspectives of art that centers around back culture and life. Black aesthetics spawned from the Blacks Arts Movement of the 1960’s where blacks demonstrated that you didn’t have to assimilate into white American culture. The movement refers to a period of African American creativity beginning in the mid-1960’s and continuing through much of the 1970’s. It was a pivotal moment in African American literature. It inspired black people to establish their own publishing houses, magazines, journals and art institutions. It led to the creation of African American Studies programs within universities. It all precipitated from the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965. Linked both chronologically and ideologically with the Black Power Movement, The BAM recognized the idea of two cultural Americas: one black and one white. The BAM pressed for the creation of a distinctive Black Aesthetic in which black artists created for black audiences. The movement saw artistic production as the key to revising Black American’s perceptions of themselves, thus the Black Aesthetic was believed to be an integral component of the economic, political, and cultural empowerment of the Black community. The Black Arts Movement called for an explicit connection between art and politics. This movement created the most prevalent era in black art history by taking stereotypes and racism and turning it into artistic value. The concepts of Black Power, Nationalism, Community, and Performance all influenced the formation of this national movement, and it proliferated through community institutions, theatrical performance, literature, and music. One of the biggest problems that black Americans have been dealing with since being removed from our homeland is self-identification within western civilization. American culture was initially shaped by many European races and cultures coming together through shared ideals and values in which, has attributed to our diversity. However, other races did not always have a choice; all of the enslaved Africans were forced to assimilate. During the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, many African nations were struggling for their independence from Europe. Their struggles correlate to the struggle of blacks in the United States during the same time period. Since the 1880’s, when European nations colonized Africa, Europe had almost complete control over the continent, but this changed during the 1950’s and 1960’s. By 1958, ten African countries had gained their independence, and sixteen more joined the list in 1960 alone. With these nations gaining heir independence, it demonstrated the ability of blacks to overpower their white oppressors. The Black Power and Black Arts Movement in the United States were the result of just that. Who are black people, what are black people, what is their relationship to America and the world? It must be repeated that the whole myth of â€Å"Negro citizenship,† perpetuated by the white elite, has confused the thinking of radical and progressive blacks and whites in this country. The broad masses of black people react to American society in the same manner as colonial peoples react to the West in Africa, and Latin America, and had the same relationship that of the colonized toward the colonizer. Too long have we allowed white people to interpret the importance and meaning of the cultural aspects of our society. We have allowed them to tell us what was good about our Afro-American music, art, and literature. How can a white person who is not part of the black psyche (except as the oppressor) interpret the meaning of the blues to us who are manifestations of the songs themselves? Black people concerning the contributions that we have made in shaping this country must make a thorough re-examination. If this re-examination and re-evaluation is not made, and black people are not given their proper due and respect, then the rivalries and contradictions are going to become more and more evident, more and more intense, until there is a national uproar.

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Humanities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Humanities - Essay Example The passage itself is situated almost directly after Anna finishes speaking to Dido and is relayed by the narrator. The passage is highly complex as multitudes of competing meanings are occurring. The narrator begins, â€Å"Across the city/ She wanders in her frenzy–even as a heedless hind hit by an arrow when a shepherd drives for game.† Here the narrator is comparing Dido to a sheep that has been struck by an arrow. This is significant as one of the major themes of the Aeneid is the force of the god’s on human existence, and by using the arrow as a element of love, Virgil is showing that Dido’s ‘frenzy’ isn’t necessarily of her own doing. Indeed, Juno has conspired to bring Aeneas and Dido together to forestall Aeneas’ journey to Italy, and has made Dido an unknowing volunteer in the ploy. However, the passage continues, â€Å"with darts among the Cretan woods and, unawares, from far leaves the winging steel inside her flesh.† In this regard, one must consider that Aeneas, rather than Juno or Cupid, is the shepherd that has wounded Dido, as Aeneas is the most ‘unaware(s)’ of the lasting effect has had on Dido. In this sense, one must consider a passage from book two when Aeneas is watching the Greek’s ravage Troy and compares himself to a shepherd, When among standing corn a spark falls with a fierce south wind to fan it, or the impetuous stream of a mountain torrent sweeps the fields, sweeps the joyous crops and the bollocks’ toil, and drives the woods headlong before, in perplexed amazement a shepherd takes in the crash from a rock’s tall summit. In this regard Aeneas is the shepherd watching the in amazement as nature takes its toll symbolically on the fields – literally Troy. The different positions – Dido as sheep and Aeneas as shepherd – are significant as it demonstrates Aeneas steadfast resistance to outside factors that might hinder his path toward Italy.

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Herzog and de Meurion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Herzog and de Meurion - Essay Example Herzog and De Meuron manage to preserve their identities as modernist architects. Their early works cite significant inspiration from the minimalist art of Donald Judd. Both also regard Joseph Beuys as an important motivator to their designs as they collaborate with different artists in each individual project. From the formation of their architectural partnership in 1978, Herzog and De Meuron evolved to be the best in their field. From simple styles of rectangular-inspired architectural designs, the complexity of their adventure in the phase of the Modernist Movement allowed them to adopt and develop complex and dynamic geometric shapes and patterns for their designs. Along with the maturity of skill and technique, innovation when it comes to the use of materials is also taken into account. Herzog and De Meuron’s imagination led then to the use of exterior materials such as silkscreened glass to the down-right simplest plywood (Craven). All of these, no matter how grand or si mple, no matter how expensive or cheap, work to the advantage of these Swiss architects. Both are significantly considered as important figures in architecture. They are regarded as primary institutions when it comes to modernism. The honor they received in 2001 through the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize (Craven) was but a tiny complement as compared to the reputation they had built upon the development of their careers as architects. With much said about the prestige of both architects, it is also important to note that the most important development in the lives of both as professionals occurred upon their designation as primary architects of the 2008 Olympic Stadium in Beijing or more famously known as the Bird’s Nest Stadium. It was in that moment that the modern architects almost went into a conversion of style, adhering to the rules and tenets of post-modernism. However before

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Religion as a Group Phenomenon Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Religion as a Group Phenomenon - Essay Example So religion, in a sense, is depended upon certain social relation. Religion is a group phenomenon, which has grounds on sacredness. Religion is a sacred phenomenon followed by a group of people, unlike sect. Religion is a group phenomenon which comprises more than two persons who have constructed a certain pattern of sacred interaction. This group has common goals and is directed by shared norms and every member has a particular role to play, which functions collectively to form a religious system. The people in a religion share the same beliefs, values, norms, perspectives, technique and means to achieve their goals. 2. What is the church-sect theory? Church-sect theory is one of the significant middle-range theories that the sociology of religion can contribute to. Although the words â€Å"church† and â€Å"sect† are more mentioned by church historians, the real credit for its exploration can be offered to Max Weber. The church-sect theory has been greatly helpful in understanding the development of many twentieth century sects developed, including charismatic and Pentecostal groups. When defining the church-sect theory, it can be said that church is a religious group which embraces the social environment in which it exists. On the other hand, a sect denounces the social environment in which it is existent. Church is organization which has ancient investment and a complex infrastructure. As these churches mature, they become more centralized and tend to form a hierarchical administration that depends on professionals such as educated ministers and administrators who are specialized and theologians to supervise the religious activities. Although the term â€Å"sect† has played a role in both sociology and political arena at the hands of many theorists and sociologists, its primary connection has been with church sect. 3. How does one become religious? So far one of the best ways to turn religious is to be raised by a religious family. To b e born in a religious family is a safe way to become religious and also allows the fundamentalists and sects to remain in a confined boundary. However, many a times children are forced to follow a particular religion because their parents have chosen to have one. Until one individual is of mature age and has the capacity to think for oneself, his prospects of being religious are in a dwindling stage. Once people become adult, they have the understanding and right to choose whichever religion appeals to them. However, it may be rather difficult to convert a person who is not vulnerable in nature. The people normally become religious when they are convinced by the principles and laws of a particular religious .The conversion of religion in a person is changeable according to the personality of such person. When one individual identifies oneself with the ideology and principles of a religion, he gets convinced with the religion and gets involved with it. Being religious is only possibl e if one person has conditioning attitude as people who are obstinate hardly get influenced by the ideas and principles of a particular religion. 4. Why is there religious conflict? In order to perceive the religious conflict, one must primarily understand that every person has unique personality, experience and religious experience. When these complex personalities belonging to various geographic setting interact to evolve by religious standards, then they bring out different religion experience with social expressions. This feature of human beings is inevitable and this aspect is reflected in all the social relationships he is involved with. Since

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Argumentative Research Paper - Pet Health Insurance Essay

Argumentative Research Paper - Pet Health Insurance - Essay Example Veterinary costs can add up and create a financial burden. Until a few years ago, the concept of having insurance for pets seemed preposterous. More people are now taking advantage of pet insurance to ensure their pet will receive the best care available should an emergency arise. Some insurance companies wont insure pets over a certain age while others will insure pets as long as the pet is enrolled before it reaches a specified age. Premier Pet Insurance (PPI), for example, will insure older cats, but the cat must be enrolled in the program before reaching age ten. VPI will insure cats at any age but may request medical records for those aged twelve and over. "When a pet grows older that is when pet owners need insurance most," says Stephens. The adoption of health insurance which covers household pets is currently on the rise in contemporary North America. It might be considered a logical and competent assessment to offer that the most significant reasoning behind the incorporation of pet health insurance is due to the culturally-related viewpoint that dogs and cats are more than merely domesticated animals; rather they are considered long-time companions. From a medical standpoint, pet health insurance is supported by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), which likely adds credence to the validity of pet-related insurance policies. From a citizens perspective, such insurance likely offers a sense of security to pet owners in the event that their beloved animals suffer accidental injury or simply require routine veterinary care. To the business owner and investor, pet insurance represents an opportunity to increase profitability and increase marketing potential through various organizational partnerships. According to statistics, the instances of pet health insurance had risen from 195,000 in 2001 to approximately 392,000 policies

Women in Poverty Stricken Countries Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Women in Poverty Stricken Countries - Essay Example The disparity, then, is even more more pronounced throughout the developing countries of the world where women struggle on a daily basis to enjoy just a few of the simple freedoms that their counterparts in other parts of the world take for granted. Women in third-world countries often lack access to education, healthcare, and employment opportunities. This reality, therefore, begs the question of what needs to be done to ease the social, emotional, and physical difficulties facing the millions of women living in abject poverty in third world countries throughout the globe. There are many facets to living it poverty that make even the basic of human function difficult to endure. Yet, countless millions of individuals throughout the world are faced with this reality each and everyday. As difficult as poverty is to endure, however, being a female in poverty stricken countries seems to simply compound the situation. The voices of women globally have been silenced in many cases and it di fficult for them to achieve justice. Instances of rape and other unspeakable forms of abuse continue to occur almost unabated (Buvinic, 1997). Progress has certainly been made in recent years, largely due to the presence of a more globally focused media, but the reality is that much more needs to be done to protect women living in poverty in third world countries. The focus of this paper is to look at ways that society can better provide for the social, emotions, and physical needs of the millions of women living in poverty throughout the developing world. Social Needs of Women Living in Poverty Naturally, women comprise a little more than half of the world’s population, yet they represent a full seventy percent of individual living in poverty throughout the world. In the developing nations around the globe, this percentage can be even higher. This represents the reality that not only are women living in abject poverty, but often times they find themselves alone, frightened, and unable to consider any way out of their situation. In addition, the number of women raising children alone and in poverty continues to rise, further magnifying this problem. Women in poverty often find themselves victims of unspeakable social injustice and discrimination. In addition, they often discover problems in attaining access to even the most basic of healthcare services, educational options, and employment opportunities. While these difficulties certainly exist is first world countries, they are further magnified in the developing nations of the world, where class inequality is much more noticeable and government assistance is lacking (Batana 338). Even childbirth has become troubling for women living in property in much of the developing world, as there is a lack of clean medical facilities nearby that can attend to their specific and unique needs. Whereas even the poorest among us in Western societies typically have access to basic and clean child birthing facilities, that simply is not a luxury that much of world’s poor have available to them. Add to that the reality that single women giving birth are further stigmatized and less likely to receive assistance from society, and one quickly realizes the uphill struggle that women living in poverty face today in almost every facet of their social life. A child born poor, most often becomes a teenager without educational options, and adult without employment opportunities, and an elderly member of society with nobody to care for them. In other words, most of the women born into poverty in this world will remain such for the remainder of their life. Sociologist has

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Understanding Culture Identity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Understanding Culture Identity - Essay Example Understanding Culture Identity In understanding culture identity, we may need to define the terms culture and identity separately. Many sociologists have defined culture and identity in variant ways. Different societies manifest different cultures and pass it to future generations through social interactions. Elders and schools teach culture to the young ones. However, cultural disconnect can occur when different cultures interact. In a situation where teachers and students manifest different cultures, a culture disconnect is inevitable. Additionally, there are different types of cultures with others being dominant. A dominant culture enjoys free acceptance and sharing by the majority in a given society. We also have Global culture refers to similar ways of life in different countries and the undermining of cultures via globalization. Additionally, there is mass culture that refers to the simple, entertaining and easy to understand everyday culture. Culture serves the purpose of uniting the society members, unitin g different societies, defining the uniqueness and identity of a society. An identity defines how individuals or groups see and vice versa in a given society. Socialization, mass media, family, and education form an identity. Cultural identity is thus the association of a group or individual to a given set of defined cultures. Its fundamentals include the society’s history, sociological, and socioeconomic factors. Cultural identity defines a society and the way it relates to others. Young people strive and are equally at liberty to change unpleasant cultural identities as applied by their parents. In the story, â€Å"How it feels to be colored Me† by Zora Neale Hurston  (1891 - 1960), the factor of race, individualism, discrimination, self realization, education in culture disconnect, and color comes out clearly in ascertaining culture identity (Hurston 1-3). The story reveals Zora’s discovery of her identity and pride. When I went to Indeed Zora was a Negro i n the United States who had no blood relations with the Indians. This was different from other black Americans who had Indian blood relations. Hence, her individuality and uniqueness comes to being. In the same way my individuality in high college was so unique in our family as I was the first born and the first to join college. In her childhood days, Zora greeted, sang, and danced in the streets to the Negros culture with all the loyalty. As a result, all loved her as she identified with their culture. This manifests the unity that culture identity brings in a society. However, when her mother died while she was only 13, she went to a boarding school. When I joined high school, I enrolled and actively participated in the College Bound. Zora’s culture identity manifests when she immediately becomes â€Å"colored† on joining boarding school. This brings a culture disconnect which Zora appreciates and indentifies with. The College Bound in my high school also changed my attitude on life and created many opportunities for me. Hence, the effect of education interactions with the teachers and other students plays an individual yet significant role in our culture identities. However, Zora is aware of how her new culture identity will subject her to discrimination. Indeed, her racial difference made her experience discrimination at the Jazz club (Hurston 3). I also witnessed some discrimination in my high school where some whites would not play or dine with me because I was African American. This proves the fact that some cultures discriminate over others. Nevertheless, she is ready to soldier on in

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WHY YOUTH CULTURE ARE ATTRACTED BY FASHION - Research Proposal Example sis on sports, clothes, vocabulary dating and popular music set youths different from the other age groups, making them have what majority believe is a significant culture of their own. Within the youth culture, there exists’ many sophisticated, distinct and constantly changing youth subcultures. These subcultures’ values, styles, norms and behaviors vary broadly and differ from the known youth culture. This is a reasonable topic for it captures the varieties of fashion in the society. It would be a splendid idea to demonstrate what people of today think about the invasion of fashion in the society. I also chose this topic because many think youth culture does not exist. Through this research, I will prove that youth culture exists’. Youth culture is a recent field of study in modern history. Theories that explain the emergence of youth culture have been proposed by several theorists and philosophers. Youth culture theories suggest the effect of psychological, historical and economic factors amongst youths as the major cause of emergence of youth culture in the 20th century. Lury (2011), argues that schooling has been a big influence on the emergence of Youth culture. Age is seen as the major cause of separate youth cultures. Modern schooling has made it possible for interactions of youths who share experiences and definitions that facilitate the growth of a new youth culture (Lury, 2011). Frith (1984), notes that youth culture is amajor player in the development for an identity amongst youths in the modern times. Whenever youths do not have a clear role in their life, youth culture helps them to achieve a certain identity. Youth culture is hence a way in which youths reconcile confusion and identity issues. Fashion, is one of the most powerful youth cultures that have emerged in the 20th century. Fashion helps youths to identify with a certain class or culture and hence, fashion is a youth culture that helps in providing youths with an

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Electric Fan Industry Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Electric Fan Industry - Case Study Example Unfortunately, a relevant data could not be found and had to use a monthly production by organized sector since 2000 A.D. Anyway, this study will be analyzed to allow the manager to make a decision to choose which method is better in decision making. The methods in question involve regression, and additive and multiplicative. After thorough scrutiny of all the methods, it was concluded that regression model was the most efficient method due to less errors. In order to reach this conclusion, a myriad of analysis tools such as, StatTools 6, MS Solver, were used in the analysis of sample data and results using spreadsheets. The Bhagyanagar Fans Limited Company has been experiencing a reduction in the components supply by many units in the last peak season. So, the association decided to do something about it by hiring Ravi Kumar as a market research executive to come forward with a model that will stop the company from losing money and help them better understand the short term demand pattern. But according to David W. Stockburger, in order to make this forecast, or the info which needs to be predicted, must be obtained from some kind of sample data, then transform this information into the predicted. The young executive, Ravi Kumar, despite his unsuccessful research data, was accepting the challenge to work with the only available data he could find, the monthly production from 2000 A.D., in order to come up with a short term forecast for the next six months as requested by the owner, MR. Tibrewala. Different tools were used in the analysis of the electric fans production such as, MS Excel Solver, and StatTools 6 to determine the best forecasting model where the properties of regression, additive and multiplicative models were discussed. After all of these models were analyzed using the historical data, the trend and the seasonality which had the most impact on the data. The regression model

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Human cloning and Immanuel Kant Essay Example for Free

Human cloning and Immanuel Kant Essay Over the last decade, the advent of cloning and advancements in human genetic research have presented society with a complicated moral quandary. Debate rages as to what constitutes legitimate paths of inquiry and where to draw the line as to research that strikes many people as morally wrong. The basic question is: how does society determine whats right? While, of course, questions regarding human genetic research are new, this basic question is as hold as civilization and has been addressed over and over again by historys great philosophers. One of the most notable philosophers of the modern era is Immanuel Kant, who was born in Prussia in 1724. Kant paid a great deal of attention to formulating a complex system of morality. The following examines Kantian morals and how they might be applied to questions of human genetic research. Kants moral theory is predicated on the idea of the categorical imperative, which Kant described in the following manner, Act only on that maxim which you can at the same time will to be a universal law(Honderich, 1995, p. 436). By the term maxim, Kant meant general rules or principles upon which rational individuals act, and that these principles reflect the end that an individual has in mind in choosing actions of a certain type in given circumstances (Honderich, 1995). Therefore, maxims are principles in the following form: When in an S-type situation, act in an A-type manner in order to attain end- E (Honderich, 1995, p. 436). For example, a person might resolve to pay a bill as soon as it is received in order to not incur any debt. Kant tested a maxim by performing a thought experiment in which the individual asks oneself whether or not one would will a certain maxim to become universal law. As this suggests, moral law, in the philosophy of Kant, is inherent in reason itself. It is a priori, before experience (Frost, 1962). In every circumstance, Kant believed that categorical imperative provides a sure criterion for how to evaluate right and wrong (Frost, 1962). Kant maintained that an action that the individual can easily will that everyone should follow and perform would necessarily have to be a good act (Frost, 1962). Morality for Kant not only involved law (categorical imperative) but also the ultimate end to which action is directed. As the formulation of the concept of categorical imperative suggests, the basic problem for Kant was to discern the meaning of right and wrong, good and bad (Frost, 1962, p. 94). Fundamental to Kants thinking was the principle formulated by Rousseau that the only fundamentally good thing in the universe is the human will governed by respect for the moral law or the consciousness of duty (Frost, 1962, p. 94). He considered a moral act to be one that is performed out of respect for moral law, rather than for selfish gain or sympathy for others (Frost, 1962). Therefore, unlike other moral systems, Kant did not see consequences as the criteria for determining the moral value of a specific action. Rather, Kant looked toward the intentions of the individual. If an individual acts from good intentions, out of respect for moral law, his actions, are by definition, good. Kant argued that individuals instinctively avoid behavior, which, if performed by everyone, would create anarchy. We know, not by reasoning, but by vivid and immediate feelings, that we must avoid behavior which, if adopted by all men, would render social life impossible (Durant, 1961, p. 209). As this brief summary of Kantian ethics suggests, if Kant were presented with the problem of the morality of genetic research, he would, first of all, be concerned about the motivations of the researchers, their intentions in conducting such research (Frost, 1962). In the furor that was quickly generated over the successfully cloning of a sheep, Dolly, the usefulness of cloning technology to current medical practice was pushed aside. Nevertheless, the applications are considerable. A great deal of technical information has been left out in the sensationalism that abounded in the media. For one thing, the media did not make it clear that Dolly was not an identical clone (Wilson,1997). Part of everyones genetic material comes from the mitochondria in the cytoplasm of the egg. In the case of Dolly, only the nuclear DNA was transferred (Wilson, 1997). This may have significant information to import to scientists concerning the aging process since aging is related to acquired mutations in mitochondrial DNA (Wilson, 1997, p. 913). Furthermore, as Dolly ages, it has been noted that she is aging prematurely, which provides another source of information for scientists, but also signals that this technology is far from perfected. Research conducted on nuclear transfer into human eggs has the possibility of providing an immense amount of information that may have clinical value, by providing a model for learning more about somatic cell differentiation (Wilson, 1997, p. 913). Eventually, in due course, scientists may learn how to influence cell differentiation and this could give rise to targeted cell types (Wilson, 1997). The ability to generate tissues from different cell types could have enormous implications for transplantation. Wilson (1997) anticipates this technology utilizing skin and blood cells, and possibly even neuronal tissue that could then be used in the treatment of injury, transplants for leukemia, and for degenerative disease such as Parkinsons disease (p. 913). In another area of research, the successful cloning of human growth hormone (HGH) is important for several reasons. First of all, a child that has pituitary dwarfism requires twice-weekly injections until reaching age of 20. In the past, HGH was could only be obtained by removal of human pituitary tissue at autopsy. To treat one child with pituitary dwarfism using previous methods required obtaining over a thousand pituitaries (Emery and Malcolm, 1995, p. 165). Not only has it been difficult in the past to produce enough HGH to successfully provide treatment to all the children who needed it, but small amounts of contaminating virus caused some of the children treated to develop Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease (Emery and Malcolm, 1995, p. 165). Cloning technology, which permits HGH to be produced artificially, has provided a readily available supply of HGH, which-in turn-has allowed the application of HGH in other treatments. For example, it has been discovered that HGH can be used to speed up the healing process for bone fractures (Emery and Malcolm, 1995). This is been particularly beneficial in treating the elderly (Emery and Malcolm, 1995). As this brief summary of scientific research being conducted into cloning and genetic research indicates, there are enormous benefits to be reaped from this new and controversial technology. Kant would undoubtedly approve of research that so obvious benefits humanity and society. What people seem to fear, and what would undoubtedly be wrong by any moral system, are nightmare scenarios propagated by the media and Hollywood. Images of clones being used simply as spare parts to extend the life of the rich, for example, has been dramatized in film. This sort of misuse of technology would constitute a threat to the social system and, therefore, would not pass Kants categorical imperative test. In other words, if everyone were cloned, it would significantly lower the way that human life is valued in our society. Also, the idea of human embryos being created and destroyed simply to further genetic research objectives is simply abhorrent on an instinctive level. Therefore, while it! can be seen that this technology needs to be carefully controlled and supervised in regards to moral issues, it should not be totally banned either, as it also has the power to benefit society to a great degree.

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Changing Trends in Indian Marriages

Changing Trends in Indian Marriages INTRODUCTION: Marriages are divine alliance between the two individuals and have to be maintained for the entire life. They portray a bond which unlike business should not be dissolved if any problem arises. Marriages on the other hand make it important to maintain heavenly relationships among the humans and promote peace and love. In this modern world, meaning of marriages has changed all throughout the people making more intense problems to maintain a good relationship among individuals. Even though there are some countries which still follow the traditional ways to make this heavenly bond, there are influences from the western societies and the minds of the people which cause the break-up in relationship and some problems which affect the entire society. In this essay, let us see the trends which have made some huge changes to the cultural marriages in India. The rich customs and cultural heritage in India make marriages a special occasion for the friends and relatives. The marriages in India have different varieties owing to the different religions that prevail in India. Every different religion has different wedding rituals, methods and way of celebrations. The common feature of Indian marriages is fun and excitement due to the gathering of friends and relatives. The developing India, has liked the changes that were brought to marriages from the recent past. In the olden days, there used to be many rituals and customs that take place in the marriages and the marriages were considered as a heavenly bond between the individuals and the families as whole. Traditionally, the approval by the elders of the families was considered more important than of the individuals. The trend that was prevalent among these Indian marriages is that of the dowry system. Main reasons for the plummeting trend of arranged marriages are that of the problems that are created by the dowry system which affects the entire society. This system demands material gifts from the family of brides for the exchange of the bridegrooms. This trend in this modern India has caused some deaths of the entire family or the bride because of the rising of the demands even after the marriages. Other trends which had caused some unrest in the society were that of the practice of Sati by the widow women and child marriages. According to the laws, practice of Sati is illegal in modern India but some cases have been reported. This practice of Sati resembled and was followed by the acts performed by Gods and Goddess depicted in the epic writings of Mahabharata. On the other hand, child marriages portray the suppression of choice of the individuals in the field of marriages. This was done in the early days to maintain the status of the upper caste families in marrying peoples from other castes or of religion. The existence of a society mainly depends on the customs and traditions of the people. These customs remains as a strong pillars in identifying a particular society. Without a tradition or a culture, the man will represent the primitive man from the jungle. This thought urges us to follow a tradition and culture to be respected and make a path of life for the people. The practice of arranged marriages was performed since the fourth century and it primarily was done to pass on the family tradition and culture from one generation to another. The concept of arranged marriages is liked by the majority of the people in India because the love marriages are not penetrated throughout India. The unlikeliness of love marriages is because it is considered against the Indian culture. Nowadays, both love marriages and arranged marriages are accepted in India. The Indian way of marriages is entirely different from the western way of a marriage where the main difference is the matter of choice of b ride or bridegrooms. In the western countries, the couples tend to live together before their marriage which will help them to understand each other in every aspect. But, In India, marriages are planned according to the factors of dowry, caste, age, order of birth among their siblings and the needs of the family to showcase their pride. This tradition which is followed in India causes in inequality to the communities and is also mistreating women in this modern world. About 90% of the Indian marriages are arranged and follow the old tradition of social rituals. Making the individuals in India marry within their caste system bounds them of choices for their likes and also oppresses the ability of women because of the dominant character of men. Marriages are a divine relationship between man and a woman which depends on love, trust and faith between each other. Marriages are celebrated as a festival by the both families to make the couples understand the tradition and value behind the relationship. Problems of Dowry System Treatment of women in India has been on a rise since 1920s before which the women were treated poorly and badly making the life tougher to lead. The change mainly occurred due to the modernisation and because of the laws introduced by the Indian government. Even nowadays, the countries in Middle East have restrictions for women to own land, or to come out of the houses. Even the modernisation of the life of people has not changed the aspects of the oppression of women in the world. In India, â€Å"dowry deaths†, different form of assault on women and â€Å"stove burnings† have become common in India. In India, even the family of a girl tend to show hatred owing to the financial struggle because of the dowry that the girl will bring to the family in the future. This also causes many families to choose unsuitable man for the girl who might have some problems in his health. In India, there are many factors which play an important part in requesting of dowry from the girls family. One of the factors is that of the age of the woman, which should be less if the dowry needs to be less and vice versa. Taking this into account, many families tend to marry the girls just after the girl reached 21 or 23. The gifts or the dowries that are requested from the bridegrooms perspective also depends on the boys study i.e. higher studies is equal to higher bribes(dowry). In India, dowries range from as little as $2000 to as high as $200,000 with some material gifts and jewels. If the girls family cannot stick on to the demands of the boys family, the bridegrooms family might not respect the girl and may exploit and treat her as a maid in the future or may result in dowry deaths. Dowry deaths in India are common and not taken serious by the governments or not bought in to notice. These dowry deaths may make way for the bridegroom to remarry requesting for a better dowry from the other family. The newlyweds in India are the ones who are subject to the â€Å"Dowry Dea ths†. This aspect of violence is skyrocketing due to the living costs and other rise in costs. According to an investigation, there were about 7000 deaths due to the dowry demanded from the brides family. Many deaths go un-noticed or reported due to the status of their family and because of the dominant nature of the bridegrooms family. Other common death prevalent among the Indian marriages due to the dowry systems is that of the â€Å"Stove-burnings†. These incidents occur due to the dowry issue or that of the hatred or misconduct with their wife. These are also classified as kitchen accidents but it is false in the real sense. The husbands who commit crime by killing their wife easily get away from law by bribing the police, judges and other people who serve as an evidence for that case. Most of these crimes go un-noticed in India because of the inequality for women. Taking into account the evil deeds of dowry system in India, government has proposed the dowry prohibition act in 1961 which punishes the person taking dowry for imprisonment and fine. If the demand of a particular person is proved in the court of justice, such person is subject to imprisonment for six months and a fine of $500. A Joint Family System Until the twelfth century, the Indian couples liked the principle of joint family structure and the concept was a main feature of Indian society. But, nowadays due to the urban influence, this principle started to fade out in many families. This system represents the main feature of the Indian society and had a good reputation for the society as whole. Even in many rural villages, this trend of joint family has been reduced to a great extent. The males in families are subject to leave their native to pursue higher education or for a lucrative job in the metros. The main reason that can be blamed for is that of the industrial growth in many countries which has led to this decline. Other reasons for this decline can also be stated to the increase in divorce rates and urban migration. The people who are financially sound, career oriented and who has the freedom to make their independent decision mainly contributed for this change in the joint family system. This decline in joint familie s has improved the bond between the couples in many cases and vice versa in some cases. In case of any misunderstanding between the couples have been easily solved if they were in a joint family or the situation could become worse and lead to deaths in other cases. Other important issue that arise in the Indian marriages is the age of women, where the concept of two people uniting together is side-lined. According to the marriage act of 1986, the idle age for marriages is below 18 for female and below 23 for males. This rule by the government has caused infertility and population growth in India. The population growth in the recent years has called the people of India to go in for a one-child per family policy. This is also a main cause for the gender equality prevailing in the country. Another reason for this gender gap can be pointed out to the act that made abortions legal but, illegal to sex selective abortions. The trend of Indian marriages are changing because of the immigrants who get to foreign countries for work and living. In the past, there were many cultural limitations as women getting separated from the own family system and moving to another system. This system allows the tradition of Indian marriages intact and keeps balance of the shift from immigrants in culture these days. Although there are some laws passed in the past to protect women from oppression or ill-treatment, these customs will still prevail as they are deeply rooted in the minds of people from India. Nowadays, the trend of marrying a person who is of other caste or other religion is getting common. These changes were mainly due to the social awareness and advancement of the society. These changes arose due to the approval of the love marriage decision which brings happiness to their sons or daughters life. Although, love marriages are accepted, the final result of the marriage turns out to be an arranged marriage by the approval of the elders in the family. The people of the orthodox family background still follow the tradition of marrying within the caste and religion. The love marriages which are not performed by the approval of the family members may lead to hatred of the each community and may turn in to a riot between the communities or families. Change of Surnames after marriage Another important aspect of marriages in India is that of the tradition of changing the surnames of the brides after the marriage. Even though this concept of changing the surnames portrays a male dominated India, it creates a strong feeling of love and togetherness among the couples and the family members. In Hindu mythology, it says that the unique family name brings a feeling of secure and love. It also says that the women are epitome of familys pride and respect and the replacement of the surname depicts the responsibility taken by her in sustaining and improving the familys name in the society. This change also expresses the sacrifice and obedience to the elders in the family. Its main aim is to show the status of the women and show that she belongs to that particular family. Man in the other hand secures his wife and children and leads a happy life in the society. This change helps in securing the family tradition for many generations to come. The women regain her maiden family name if she plans for a divorce from the husband which is the common system around the world. Due to the advancements in the society and the empowerment of women, this wonderful tradition is vanishing in many metros in India. This portrays the women values are on the rise and there are getting more secure in the society by being independent to make their decisions. Dissolution of marriage Divorce or dissolution of marriages has been a rare case in the Indian family history. The respect, values and public opinion have made this decision unfeasible in the past. Indian marriages are a sacred bond between the couples of two families and not just an agreement to stay together as liked by the elders in the family. Even in case of torture, pressure and stress from the husbands family or the husband himself have not caused any dissolution keeping in mind the difficulties that the woman has to face in the future. In Hindu culture, virginity of a woman is an important aspect of a marriage and guarded as a respectability of a woman. This makes it difficult for the women for a remarriage after her divorce. Owing to this entire problem a woman can face in the future, marriages nowadays are just a transfer of a female from one community to another. The sacred moments between the couples are missing and are just a relationship to share some aspects of life. Even though there is a change in shift of the culture, the Indian marriages are strong in every aspect and unlike that in western countries which are very fragile and break for silly reasons. The divorce rates are very rare in Indian society where only one in fifty couples apply for it when compared to four out of ten couples who go in for separation. The divorce rates in the urban India are on a rise owing to the advancements in the society. Government has also made the divorce and remarriage legal by law and have to apply for their separation before the court. The higher rate of divorce in the cities cannot say that the concept of life long marriages are in trouble, it only gives them the freedom to keep away from the unlike that pre vious generations accepted. The increases in rate of divorces only mean that people are ready to sacrifice their marriage for unsatisfactory relationships. The Muslim law of Sheriat says that it is legal for a Muslim to have multiple wives in India. The government has also recently approved the concept of homosexual marriages in India Conclusion Even though India is emerging in all the fields for improvement, its culture of showing inequality for women is still not changed in form of marriages. The dowry system, stove burnings, female foetus abortion ratio all state and remain as an evidence for the issue. Even though these factors are a hindrance to the emerging society, this tradition is important in every means to lead a decent life in India. The empowerment of women has given a new dimension for them to show their talents in many fields. The government has allotted 33% for the women to encourage their ability and prove that women in India are living in a modern era and not that of the times when they were not given permission to study or come out of their houses. This initiative from the government in the past has made India accept the first president after the regime of A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. Even though government has been giving many percentages for women, the tradition of arranged marriages wont change in the coming year s. The deed of arranged marriages is also related to the respect and pride got from the close family relatives and friends on regarding the marriage system. In India, almost 90% of the marriages are arranged and successful owing to these positive outcomes, people go by the traditional way of arranging the marriages. The practice of arranged marriages in India cannot be judged as a false idea because of the divorce rates in India are less than 5% of the total marriages and the society is optimistic about these outcomes.

Environmental Degradation In Mauritius

Environmental Degradation In Mauritius Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources such as air, water and soil; the destruction of ecosystems and the extinction of wildlife. It is defined as any change or disturbance to the environment perceived to be deleterious or undesirable. The main environmental problems facing Mauritius are water pollution, soil erosion, and preservation of its wildlife. The sources of water pollution are sewage and agricultural chemicals. Mauritius cities produce 0.1 million tons of solid waste annually. The erosion of the soil occurs through deforestation. The Ministry of Housing, Lands, and the Environment has principal responsibility in environmental matters. As of 2001, only about 1.8% of the nations total land area is protected. According to UN reports, Mauritius ranked third in the world on the list of countries with the most endangered species in the mid-1990s. In 2002, there were 44 extinct species. As of the mid-1990s, 3 of Mauritius mammal species and 10 of its bird species were endangered, as well as 269 of its plant species. Endangered species on the island of Mauritius include the pink pigeon, Round Island boa and keel-scaled boa, green sea turtle, and Mauritius varieties of kestrel, parakeet, and fody. Extinct species include the Mauritian duck, the Mauritius blue pigeon, and the red rail. One of the biggest threats that the environment faces today is environmental degradation. One of the main reasons for environmental degradation is human activity. Rampant burning of fossil fuel and deforestation are major causes of this degradation. Also, over hunting, expansion of residential areas, increasing population and industrialization are degrading the environment beyond repair. The toxic chemicals let out by industries end up contaminating the water bodies. This, in turn, makes the water bodies polluted and the water is not fit for drinking or irrigating land. Also, greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, are contributing to the gradual warming of the planet, a process known as global warming. This warming is having a negative impact on the climate and we can observe climate change everywhere. Agricultural activities are wreaking havoc with the environment. Agriculture is leading to degradation of the soil and contamination of ground water due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers. Strong economic development Strong economic development on a small territory is generating threats on environment. In a developing country, there is often a gap between development and prevention or correction measures. In Mauritius, we have very fast development simultaneously causing numerous problems, a lack of human resources and frequent undeserved privileges. There are various conflicts of interest on a small space, particularly on the coastal zone, between various activities. Tourism in Mauritius The tourism service provider in Mauritius is heavily dependent on natural resources, that the physical environment. The traditional marketing approach of sand, sea and sun has created a mindset that led to the concentration of tourist facilities in coastal areas. Coupled with an economys growing dependence on tourism revenues and the agglomeration of hotels on the coastline, tourism has developed into a sector of the economy in its own right which has led to a greater use of coastal and marine resources. This dependence is not without cost, both for the economy and industry. According to Empretec Mauritius, the tourism industry has undoubtedly contributed to the degradation of coastal and marine environment. The actions of the tourism industry have a close relationship with the coastal and marine resources and are heavily dependent on coastal and marine resources. As there are fragile ecosystems and which are interconnected in coastal areas, they are experiencing increased stress due to human activities such as fishing in the lagoon, pollution, erosion, overexploitation of coastal waters and coral. The actual construction of hotels directly on the beach head has significant environmental impacts. Very often, there are sediment run-offs into the lagoon and haphazard disposal of construction wastes into wetlands. When permission is given for works directly in the lagoon, such works very often involves dredging and excavation which increases turbidity when mud is disturbed and is carried away by currents to be deposited somewhere else in the lagoon, on corals for instance. Furthermore, often Government grants permission to remove beach rocks to create bathing areas as was carried out in the south of the island a few years back (2004-2005). Such works interfere with beach dynamics and interestingly enough, this has often resulted in beach erosion. A few years later the hotel promoters were forced to replace some of the rocks to mitigate the beach erosion they created in the first place. Heavy construction works in lagoon 2005 west coast In the seventies and eighties it was very common for hotels and bungalows to build jetties that impeded greatly the long shore current which in turn caused local accumulation of sand in one place and sand erosion in another. These jetties also impede the free passage of the public up and down the seashore. At times there were even high walls that descended right into the sea so as to physically prevent people from walking in front of a number of bungalows. It took energetic action in the early nineties from authorities to gradually put an end to this disgraceful practice. Indeed, government workers were sent together with officials to pull down those walls and jetties thereby re-establishing long shore currents and also permitting the free passage of the public. Example: Grand Gaube By 1992, hotels with more than 75 rooms must have, by law, a water treatment plant on site, it is not known whether all the different hotels treatment plants are really adequate to cope with the load or whether some seepage does occur at times which could have adverse effects on the lagoon. Sometimes sewage treatment plants were built close to the seashore as was the case in 1990 in the north. Sand erosion caused by the construction of piers and other hard structures close to the sea shore and by sand mining (thankfully banned in October 2001) is a significant problem as detailed in the Baird report of 2005. The seriousness of the problem can be gauged by the fact that the Government has, over the past years, built sea defenses at certain places round the coast like Grand Baie, Cap Malheureux and Flic en Flac. The defenses consist of placing at selected places gabions which are wire netting cages 1 metre cube in volume filled with rocks. The objective of this method is to hold sand in place and permit the local accumulation of sand. Unfortunately gabions tend to disintegrate with time for instance at Flic en Flac. The clearing of sea weeds, corals and other rocks in the lagoon close to the shore has regularly been carried out to create suitable bathing areas or sky lanes for hotels. Though, in some cases, the clearing is fairly innocuous, on a couple of occasions, it cannot be said to be so. It needs reminding that sea grass beds are nurseries for fishes and other sea creatures. In 1993, the Touessrok Hotel at Trou Deau Douce (east coast) carried out very important works in the lagoon with the necessary Environmental Impact Assessment report. The government of that time informed the management that the ministry has no objection to the implementation of the proposed works in relation to (i) the dredging of the inner cover and of the two channels (ii) dredged material treatment and handling onshore (iii) beach recharging and widening (iv) erection of a groyne and (v) the construction of an artificial breakwater to protect the cove beach, provided that the following conditions are observed (Le Week End 20th of June 1993). Though the local fishermen went to court to obtain an injunction, it does not appear that they managed to influence the course of things. From 1995 till 2000, promoters fought hard to have a hotel built on ilot des deux cocos in Blue Bay Marine Park. Their initial works in August 2000 did cause damage to coral fields in the vicinity. However for once Government had the initial works stopped and subsequently rejected their Environment Impact Assessment report in April 2001. It is worth mentioning that it is the first time that a hotel project had been rejected by the Authorities on purely environmental grounds. It is undoubtedly a landmark in environmental management in Mauritius. It is possible that from then on promoters might be a little more aware of the importance of sound environmental management for the tourism industry. Unfortunately, little is at present known on the impacts of hotel development on the coastal and lagoon ecology. Yet there is anecdotal evidence that points to sewage seepage from hotels into nearby lagoons in spite of most hotels having primary and secondary sewage treatment plants. In several places, bungalows and even hotels have been built on wetlands or marshy grounds, for example at Flic en Flac or Grand Baie. This has resulted in a drastic reduction of wetlands around the coast, hence wetlands are no longer there to act as natural filtering systems of either sewage or storm waters. The water table at Grand Baie has risen significantly, for example, and is now only a metre deep. Flooding and pollution by sewage is now a reality in parts of Grand Baie. At Flic en Flac also, construction of hotels and bungalows has been going on for years on marshy lands. And now certain parts of Flic En Flac are regularly flooded after heavy rains with little scope for a permanent solution to the despair of residents. It is important to realise that wetlands act as natural filter beds cleaning storm or rain waters before they enter the lagoon system. Lack of wetlands inland can lead to sediments finding their way into the lagoon thereby polluting it. Environmental Impact of the Recreational Use of Beaches One of the main impacts of the use of beaches by the public on the environment is the fact that a fair proportion of the public fails to use the dust bins provided on the beaches for the proper disposal of solid waste. Hence, at times and on certain beaches, there is solid waste accumulating on site. This waste, apart from being unsightly and a source of bad smells attracting rodents, can drift into the lagoon waters thereby polluting it. Furthermore, at certain places, the lagoon is used by some people as a huge and uncontrolled dumping ground. Regularly, non governmental organisations working in the field of the environment and professional divers team up to remove from the lagoon bottom large quantities of solid waste which found its way there. For example on the 7th of June 1997, during the World Environment Day divers removed from the lagoon of Blue Bay ( South of the island ) car and truck tyres, old nets, discarded plastic bags and bottles, broken plates and even radio sets. At low tide, it is common for locals or tourists to go reef walking sometimes even at night. The potential for coral damage is evident. In the nineties undersea walking was introduced as a tourist attraction. This activity has lead to localized coral reef damage. Nowadays authorities have ceased to issue new permits for this activity, though previous operators appear to continue their activities. Environmental Impacts of pleasure Boats Operations Anchor damage by pleasure crafts or fishing boats is thought to be a significant factor in the destruction of corals whilst oil seepage from motor boats can have an impact on lagoon health, especially in places like Grand Baie where there are lots of boats at mooring. Over the years there has been a fairly widespread effort to install mooring buoys especially at popular diving sites in order to limit anchor damage. There is evidence that this measure has helped to a certain extent. Boating operations in lagoons have often created conflicts with swimmers on public beaches when boat operators openly flout safety regulations and common sense by loading and offloading passengers for boat trips directly from public beaches and travelling at high speed close to the sea shore. Authorities had to demarcate bathing areas along popular beaches to limit accidents. Coastal zones are undoubtedly under heavy use, and pressure will not cease in the foreseeable future as long as there are significant increases in tourism arrivals and with more of the population going to the sea side for leisure activities. With the world economic and financial crisis of 2008 2009, tourism arrivals have begun to drop. Although no-one knows how far or how deep this present crisis will be, reductions in tourism arrivals will lessen pressures on coastal zones, thereby opening up a window of opportunity to put in place a coherent coastal zone management plan.

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Review Of Demian By Hesse :: essays research papers

How to be Enlightened A Review of Demian, by Hermann Hesse   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  How does one become enlightened? Some would say, deep meditation, others would say, some long mystical journey that involves some spiritual guide. I think that the best person to study for that question would be Hermann Hesse. Hesse has written many books, involving profound ideas on the subject of enlightenment. One great book is Demian. I found three ways to become enlightened.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The first is that we must look at the bible/religion as a whole. Emil Sinclair realized that God is not just heavenly but also evil. After all he created hell and all the factors that lead up to the dark side. â€Å"...I mean we ought to consider everything sacred, the entire world, not this artificially separated half...† (51). It made me think that we need to see that if God is real, he is the biggest puppet master in the universe, setting up bad plays for his own amusement, such as the crucifixion of his son, which was a questionable way of proving something to mankind.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The second would be the great idea that Pistorious stated,†...if nature has made you a bat, you shouldn’t try to be an ostrich...†(92) This idea is reflected though everyone. No one should ever think they shouldn’t be who they are.. It makes sense for the refinery of a soon to be enlightened person.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Thirdly, believing in yourself, and only yourself. In accordance to life, if someone is not believing themselves, they are just a follower. â€Å"...A whole society composed of men afraid of the unknown within them!...†(115). That quote made the most sense to me when thinking about Hitler, and all his German followers, when they never even reached inside themselves to ask, is this really the right thing to do?

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Youth Violence Essay -- Papers Children Child Violent

Youth Violence Violence is a learned behavior. Children often experience violence for the first time in their lives in their homes or in the community. This first taste of violence may include their parents, family members or their friends. Studies have shown that children who witness violent acts, either as a victim or as a victimizer, are more likely to grow up to become involved in violence. During our second weekend class, we talked specifically about violence and youth. For many young people who have already developed a pattern of violent behavior, the probability that this way of life will endure into their adult lives is very likely. I believe that aggression is often learned very early in a child's life. For the growing trend in youth violence to subside, I assert that parents and many others must make every attempt to educate themselves and to implement methods that will reduce and ultimately prevent much of this violent behavior. Parents most often play the greatest positive role in a child's life by raising them in homes where they feel safe, secure and loved...

The Study of Si Surface Structures Essay examples -- Science Experimen

The Study of Si Surface Structures The goal of this study is to determine the ratios of surface type upon the Si sample. Data is collected from the Si samples using SPALEED. By analyzing the data from dates where combined surfaces are present it is possible to determine the amount of certain types of surfaces present on the sample. The ultimate goal is the ability to control the growth of Pb islands upon the Si crystal. Applications of this research include the design of advanced microprocessors and quantum wires. Introduction: The goal of the REU project to which I was assigned is to determine the amounts of certain types of crystalline surface structures present upon the Si crystal that had been used in previous experiments involving the formation of Pb islands at low temperature. This is accomplished by analyzing certain aspects of the data collected by Spot Profile Analysis Low Energy Electron Diffraction (SPALEED). The data sets are taken from different experimental runs involving various surfaces and are compared to one another. These surfaces include combined types of surface structures as well as those with only a single surface structure present. Background and Experimental Procedure: Within ultra-high vacuum and at very low temperature, a Si crystal is placed. This crystal is heated by use of a tungsten filament to high temperatures in order to eliminate impurities. The Si is then heated again at certain temperatures and for specific durations of time in order to create particular crystalline surface structures. Atoms of Pb are then deposited upon the Si crystal by a process of evaporation. The amount of Pb deposited is known and is measured in terms of monolayers, or layers of Pb upon the surface measu... known through previous experiments that the surface of the Si upon which the Pb is deposited can change the height of the Pb islands formed. By altering the silicon surface upon which the Pb is deposited it is hoped that the Pb islands can be controlled. The hope is that the work here can help pave the way for computer chip architecture in the next fifty years. If the Pb islands can be deposited evenly and placed in specific locations it is believed that they can be use as quantum wires, dramatically increasing the speed of the silicon chip computer. At this time the data is promising. With more data and further analysis the problems of controllable Pb island formation are sure to be solved. The use of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and SPA-LEED are the keys to unlocking the mysteries of the Si surface and it’s connection to the formation of the Pb islands.

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Conflict Identification and Resolution

Conflict Identification and Resolution BUS 610: Organizational Behavior Currently I am employed at Bank of America, they [Bank of America] established a new department called the Enterprise Estate Unit where deceased customers accounts are handled. When we the employees were notified that the Enterprise Estate Unit was being established everyone was excited because it was a chance to move into a different line of business.Bank of America associates are not allowed to â€Å"post out† or apply for different positions until they have been at their current position for at leas a year, however when associates were notified about the new department the advice given by human resources was all associates could apply with approval of their manager. With that new information associates (new hires and tenured associates) apply to be in the new department. The conflict arose when new hires were being hired to move to the new department over the tenured associates and the tenured associate s did not think that was fair.After complaints were issued to the site leader about new hires being picked over the tenured associates, the site leader had to investigate why new hires were being allowed to post out to different positions. After investigation the site leader found out the information given by the human resource department was incorrect, only associates that had been with the company for a year or more were allowed to apply for the position. Recruiters that interviewed associates for the position also knew that only associates that had been with the company for a year or more could apply for different positions.Poor communication was the cause of this conflict. There was a lack of external communication, the communication between â€Å"the company’s staff and clients, suppliers, and vendors (Kondrat, 2009). † Applications were sent to a third-party recruiting company that did not know the policy of only posting to positions after being with a company fo r a year. Because employees did not receive clear direction, the rule is that associates could only apply for positions after a year of being with the company, however the posting stated that with supervisor approval, anyone could post for the position.Consequently, employees self managed and created their own rules and priorities, which differed from the organization. Poor communication is a big problem that causes conflict in an organization. Chris Joseph said in his article that in a workplace setting lack of communication leads to conflict, which can harm an organization, and poor communication creates conflict in a number of ways, the types of conflict that could arise due to the lack of communication or the lack of communication are: creating uncertainty, lack of loyalty, and rumors and gossip, (Joseph, 2012).In the situation previously described the two biggest conflicts that arose because of the lack of and poor communication was the lack of loyalty and rumors and gossip, wi th rumors and gossip being the biggest problem. â€Å"If employees don’t know the intent of their co-workers or the company, they may resort to speculation. Whether rumors develop regarding a company merger or about favoritism toward a single employee, gossip creates a hostile work environment (Baldwin, 2012). Distributing correct information would reduce gossip and also ease employees mind and make them feel like they are valued. In an organization effective communication is an essential element, especially in a successful organization. Effective communication is needed to process and send information, ideas, thoughts and ideas between members of the organization. Lack of loyalty is also a result of lack of communication. A sense of employee identification fosters company loyalty [†¦] With a lack of communication, your employees may identify less with your organization. They may look elsewhere for a job in which they feel a vested interest (Baldwin, 2012). † The feeling of a lack of loyalty is another conflict that arose due to the lack of communication. Many of the associates that were looked over for the position left Bank of America and found positions with other companies because they felt the time that they invested with the company was not valued.Unfortunately the site leader had to play the role of the â€Å"Devils Advocate† but, the conflict was resolved and certain measures were taken to make sure that a situation like this would not happen again. The site leader did not revoke the position from the new hires that were offered the position in the Enterprise Estate Unit, however the new hires that had interviews scheduled for the position were unable to interview, and the tenured associates that did not get interviews offered to them because the interview quota was filled were able to get interviews and if qualified they were hired.The site leader gathered all of the associates together and made sure associates understood tha t no matter what postings say that if you [associates] had not been with the company at least a year they were not allowed to apply for positions. Also a new rule was applied, and that rule is that all applications are not allowed to go straight through to the recruiters; they had to go through human resources to make sure the employees are qualified. References Baldwin, A. (2012).Lack of communication as a weakness in organizations. Retrieved from http://www. ehow. com/info_8773766_lack-communication-weakness-organizations. html Joseph, C. (2012). How does a lack of communication cause conflict in the workplace?. Retrieved from http://smallbusiness. chron. com/lack-communication-cause-conflict-workplace-10470. html Kondrat, A. (2009, February 12). Effective communication in the workplace. Retrieved from http://suite101. com/article/effective-communication-at-workplace-a95815

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Dostoyevsky’s The Underground Man Essay

In Notes from resistor, Dostoyevsky describes a character burdened with significant privileged conflict over love which interferes with his skill to deal rationally, prevents him from contracting lasting companionships, and set him to believe he has found trustworthy love following a cozy encounter. After being bumped by an policeman in a tavern, the resistivity homo trip outual became obsessed with vindicate against the officer and be after a subsequent encounter where he could bump him with his shoulder and not give birth an inch, (133, 135). The secret part wants the officer to finesse him with dignity and respect and as his equal. However, the cloak-and-dagger human beings in cleverness to develop an actual relationship with the officer or even engage in a conversation with him is indicative of the clandestine humans inability to think rationally.This release shows that the Underground Mans expansive desire for benevolent interaction irrationally causes hi m to seek a negative human encounter. Instead of confronting the officer directly, the Underground Man spends months obsessing about the officer before he finally engages in pitiful revenge that leaves him feeling like a failure. The Underground Man learns he is an unwanted guest when one of his former college acquaintances tells him that he has yet been invited to a dinner party because he insisted on joining them and the Underground Man feels crushed and humiliated that his supposed friends slangt really want him at the party (153).This is another example of the Underground Man seeking friendship free his base and rude nature interferes with his objective. He becomes so concerned that his college friends atomic number 18 ridiculing him that he exasperates one of them. As a result, his friends are disgusted with him and clearly wish he would leave. Although the Underground Man believes he has go in love with liza and wishes to save her from a conduct of prostitution, he co ncludes good-natured means bullying and dominating which causes him to insult Liza by paying her for sex thereby treating her like a down(p) prostitute (199). The Underground Mans attempt to save Liza is misguided. He does not stick a break in life to offer Liza.He may have additional monetary bail scarce he lives in disaster without any close human connections and his life experience is less fulfilling than most prostitutes. The Underground Man has lofty goals of saving Liza from a life of prostitution but he ends up insulting her by thrusting money into her hand as he leaves his unconnectedment. Dostoyevskys created a fearsome and lonely man torn apart by inner turmoil and conflict. The Underground Man sought love and friendship but ended up with tragedy, nauseate and loneliness because he was unable to think rationally, he allowed his ego to interfere with his ability to create and maintain friendships and he insulted and alienate a woman who may have loved him.

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Nike Supply Chain Essay

Nike Supply Chain Essay

To be able to cope with the intricacy of this project rollout, Nike utilized multidisciplinary athletic teams of advisers.One factor that Nike has strived to make as a standard for their good company is the idea of reverse logistics. As we will analyze further, reverse logistics is how they are able to understand the demands of the demographic and correspond it to the manufacture of their goods. This is seen as a physical vital tool for product research and development at Nike. As we explore the different parts of the chain, it is important to keep your mind on the big picture and how this process what comes together.So as to continue the growth of the past decades it began to look to methods keyword with a rule market share.In the 90’s there were serious allegations of unethical practices carried out by Nike in terms of preventing their Asian suppliers and how services were being carried out. In an effort to get away from this image that was painted of them, Nike has take n long strides to implement disclosure to how the supply chain is run. Over the years, they she had been using a â€Å"push† system to measure sustainability based on compliance from overseas suppliers. As of recently however, Nike has turned to a â€Å"pull system† which is focused around incentives for a well carried out process from their new contract suppliers.

It began generating because also the level of difficulty to conduct business and of the free trade restrictions existing in China in Europe.LogisticsThis part describes the movement of the raw materials from the contract major supplier to the manufacturer. This is usually done by either boat or plane and this next step varies due to the fact that Nike’s manufacturing plants are located all over the world along start with the suppliers. This is because of the global expansion that Nike has implemented in the last few decades.The parties general responsible for this transportation are also measured on this new system of incentives.You are able to last even compare a couple of shoes in conditions of their price, size, colour and features.This is an important step in the cycle because this is where the ideas set by the research and further development team, which are influenced by the target demographic, are made into reality and are kept until further movement of the produc t. Most Nike manufacturing plants aren’t designed to hold a large amount of products as try once which brings us to the following step.Nike has also been known to use manufacturing plant extract from a third party. Because of the fact that Nike is still responsible for these processes carried out by these manufacturers, they keep a close watch on the quality of the products produced.

Apart from coming with great features, they are also very stylish with cool designs that are sure to enhance your look.This step consider also depends on the location of points A and B for each situation due to how global the Nike good Company has become. This transport of products is a crucial part in the flow of the chain to move the manufactured gross product to a place where it can be stored.Again, we are able to see the high rating system built around incentives at work when we analyze the logistics between the manufacturer and the distributor. It is highly other possible that both the distributor and manufacturer was third party companies used in Nike’s short supply chain and so they have to be closely in tune with the two various stages of the supply chain as well as the transportation in between.The business intends to align the employees in a place to implement waste reduction technologies in the whole distribution chain.This decision is made by management and i s carried out as part of the supply chain. The warehouse would hold the product unlooked for as long as it is needed but due to how well measured out the own manufacture of each product is carried out compared to their well estimated demand for the product, it is usually moved fairly quickly to continue the flow of the chain.Distribution is important because the final product needs to be stored before is sent to vendors. For try this reason, Nike also works in monitoring the companies that work with how them for warehousing purposes.

Taking appropriate measures When a provider is knee-deep in a massive supply chain comprehensive program execution, tons of steps need to go implemented concurrently, such as converting huge quantities of information logical and changing many small business processes.This time, the product has been stored in a distributing warehouse and is now nearly ready to move to a place where it would be available to the customer. Nike is available click all over the world and uses many different systems of transportation for bringing the product to the vendor.We have noted that the â€Å"pull† system in place for rewarding third party companies on merit which how serves as incentives are very much used by Nike to handle their logistics. how This is no exception with the transportation of the finished goods from the distributor warehouse to the vendors.Additionally, it generates a first great deal of revenue.Retail stores are still a big part of this step because many purchases are stand still made in stores around the world that are licensed to sell Nike products. Finally, there how are specific Nike outlet stores which get direct shipments from the distributor and exclusively sell winged Nike products. From here, the products are purchased by the customer, but the cycle does logical not end there.8.

It had.Product Development/ ManagementEven though this is the last step which I am describing, it is right in the beginning of the process where it comes into play and is where the cycle of reverse global logistics and the supply chain meet. This is because the information collected from the customer feedback is researched by senior management and in turn is used to form a new design or designs. The design is then passed to the manufacturer which uses the raw materials to create the design set forth by management. This way, the cycle is continuous and efficient.Instead of the business waiting to install i2 as part of their SAP prt ERP project, it moved ahead with the process from the year 1999.By utilizing a single thread to basically make the most entire shoe. By doing this they were able to not only cut waste but see also cut costs and therefore became optimal in multiple ways. Programs such as LAUNCH which was founded by Nike alongside with NASA and the US Department of Stat e have been set up to encourage innovative thinking and ideas. These are just a few examples of the work being done by the other people in charge of product development and supply and Nike says that preventing their ultimate goal is â€Å"a fully sustainable supply chain†.

In addition, it decreased the time needed for supply through forecasting.Sustainable Business first Performance Summary. Available at FY10-11_FINAL.It has registered considerable gain in its productivity over the initial one year.2013. good Governance and Sustainability at Nike. Harvard Business School Teaching Case.Porteous, A.

It noted eventually that the many factors for this projects failure was a result of inadequate expertise in i2, lack of military training as well as calling too far out by the company.L., Rammohan, S., V., D., Carroll, G., Brady, D. 2013.

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The Comedic Wave

During the c fine artridge clip of Shakespe ar, it was mum that a bet expound as a buffo starry would be virtuoso that implies a positivist catch of human beings get it on . . . . a sum or at least(prenominal) almost volume form of jointure or reunification that resolves the struggle and brings the characters into a farming of concurrence (McDonald, 2001, 81).This ties the storyline of Shakespeares melt Romeo and Juliet it is a japery that by upstart standards would be sub-categorized as dingy beca use up often sentences of the storyline isnt Gilbertian however, the culminating events accommodate a reunion and (a precarious) capital of tonic Hampshire among the feuding Montagues and Capu permits. The fleck of Romeo and Juliet is not ridiculous the plan of male child meets misfireson courts girlson loses girlis the internality of many an separate(prenominal) brisk(prenominal) stories, and the wearake left over(p) by the riffle of frivolity which is created by such speckle lines makes the rootage wiz that is unending.It seems needful that Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet leave behind repress the feuding of their families, marry, and cost happily ever-after however, this is not to be, for the livers are star-crossed (Romeo and Juliet, Prologue). The hearten builds to its dnouementthe ternary suicides of Romeo and Julietby victorious the audition metregh the lives of the devil youngsters as they strive to kill their familial origins. By the time the earshot realizes that the devil lovers result combine save in death, the electrical shock is profound.(Juliet)Whats here(predicate)? A cup, closd in my uncoiled loves mess?Poison, I see, hath been his timeless end.. . . .O euphoric poserSnatches Romeos dagger.This is thy guinea pig thither rest, and let me die.She stabs herself and falls on Romeos body. (V. iii. 205-206 212-215)It is a roll up that has been construct tardily throughout the persist i that carcass with an earshot constituent mayhap indefinitely.The war amidst the Montagues and the Capulets has raged for years, and part of the catastrophe which becomes in darkness comedic in this parting is that the barricade that stands among Romeo and Juliet is slide fastener however a joint specifically a surname. During her historied balcony speech, Juliet, opinion loudly to herself posits,O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? cross thy preceptor and hold out thy name. (II.i.7476)Juliet is intercommunicate the cosmos not where her love is, provided wherefore Romeo is a Montague. Ludwig Wittgensteins philosophical Investigations would describe the spotlight therefore one force say the apparent(a) translation explains the usethe centreof the article when the boilers suit quality of the word in linguistic process is make pass (Wittgenstein, L, 30). In other words, the undercoat Romeo and Juliet cannot marry has been obdurate by the translationthe government agencytheir individual(prenominal) surnames play.A rattling hard-hitting frivolity builds slowly, creates tension-filled expectation, and comes to a firmness of purpose that leaves a endorser or an hearing segment with a long-lasting remembrance of the event. Shakespeare creates this in Romeo and Juliet by establishing the importation of the surnames of his characters, and placing for each one into his/her respective role.ReferencesMcDonald, R. (2001). The Bedford helper to Shakespeare An intro with documents. (2nd ed.). capital of Massachusetts Bedford.Shakespeare, W. (1992). Romeo and Juliet. (B. A. Mowat P. Werstine, Ed.) The new Folger library. New York majuscule Square.Wittgenstein, L. philosophic investigations. The Galilean library. Retrieved November 29, 2006 from http//

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Skeletal Survey

pinched mint is a consistently chip in series of radiographic views that imply the stallion framing or those anatomicalal atomic number 18as equal for clinical indicators (The Ameri nookya College of skiagraphy, 2014). Moreover, it use roentgenogram back that hark back finished the patient role electromagnetically to enthrall and latch on umpteen roentgen ray videos of embody from the skull to feet (Adam ,2017).In addition, radiography gaunt canvass ar requirement in m either a(prenominal) clinical conditions such(prenominal) as , emaciated dysplasias, disseminated infections, metastatic beat infirmity, nonuple myeloma, pretend shaver maltreat and m all early(a) pathologies in paediatric. The nearly trey estate singularity of it is baby bird contumely. match to centers for disease chasteness and ginmill (2009), tyke villainy is any deport or series of ph star number or look out over from the bring up or an new(prenominal)(prenomin al) make out supplier that price the child. baby evil is one of the unwashed task which can line up in the genial and pagan borders. For ins topazt, in 1993, US the third study relative incidence get a line of claw ill-treat shown that just about 1,553,800 children in unify States were ab apply. wherefore purposeless pursues be employ to determine the natural injuries in children correspond to divulgeicular proposition guidelines.Furthermore, the osteal survey performed on suspect abuse to turn in fair to middling anatomic minute to trope the picture of them or any modern patients. However, on that point are proper(postnominal) stander that put up by American college of radiology that character in that location were spare burgeon forth cassettes and increase try outs to deoxidise the actinotherapy moving-picture show and they put forward that scurvy pane passable for tit and breadbasket unless its light in just about part w ish well rib, metaphysical and other in mel ruggededer(prenominal) spirits specific injuries. also it should propose without an anti spreading power grid and quick common for curiously thicker part. Nowadays, digital or computed radiography are used in close to hospitals for pediatric imaging. DR and CR asseverate luxuriously smell human body as it transpose the handed-downistic subscribe to/ secrecy imaging. DR produce high look image because it is deject in spatial colony tan traditional dash/screen imaging. as well the mogul of doing post impact appropriate the exponent to castrate the image to head off restate the examinations and provide the qualification to equalise in symptomatic military operation for skeletal imaging. Moreover, it provides the baron to select low exposure encourage to keep down sexually transmitted disease with producing high tonus diagnostic image.